Saturday, May 19, 2012

OUTGOING: our first shipment

I love supporting USPS, and I love everyone who has already supported kB!

BOOGs on the run ...

Friday, May 18, 2012


Only 7 months in the making, kittyBOOGER twenty-twelve is finally here, can you believe it?
a good mail day
to kittyBOOGER, 37 lbs of kittyBOOGERs

a hint of spine


kittyBOOGER twenty-twelve

We are so proud to bring you a beautiful, fun, enthralling mag fill with our first BOOGERS ...

Nate Anspaugh,
Jeff Ausura,
Stephen Langlois,
Ted Powers,
Nick Trotter, and (me)
Stephanie Lavon Trotter

You can buy it, right now, HERE (on kB's blog) through paypal.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2012 contributor: Stephanie Lavon Trotter

Stephanie Lavon Trotter tells people she's an opera singer because that's her training, but the dead arias of old dead white men are the last thing leaving her lips these days. On a bear being ridden by a ghost, an e.p., and her contribution to kB2012, she builds open compositions from formal constraints, field recordings, and, more than anything, that finally wild and unleashed instrument--the voice--she's kept hidden under her head all these years. What's more, Stephanie did all the layout for the kittyBOOGER mag. She's the one who so lovingly numbered all the stickers. She's the best.

When she isn't recording sounds, she's reading and writing for her MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts at Goddard College, and baking gluten free confections.



Friday, May 11, 2012

2012 contributor: Ted Powers

 Ted Powers' poems are straight-forward and witty. He creates these palpable scenes, and overwhelming emotions - you feel like you are watching an entire fiction unfold in a few lines. He is a great word-smith, and it seems that he is just sitting there talking to you.

You can find some more of his work online at decomPNOÖ Journal, ILK, Sixth Finch, and iO: Poetry.

And if you happen to be in or around Western Mass., stop in at the Flying Object bookstore, and say hello Ted - last we heard he is an intern there.


Monday, May 7, 2012

2012 contributor: Nick Trotter

Nick Trotter's contribution to kittyBOOGER twenty-twelve is the kind of long-ass mind-spasm essay nobody's publishing. That's right, nobody--except us, because this sucker is one of a kind. 'An excerpt from: From Spaces to Dimension in Aesthetic; The Klee-Deleuze Mixtape' pushes as it pulls. Some of his points (haha) he gives to you straight away, others you have to work for. Call it a vision quest through gray space. By the end you'll be following around your finger shouting "ambulatory, generative point!" and chances are you'll mean it.

Was fehlt ihm?, 1930 Paul Klee

 Nick Trotter is a PhD candidate at the European Graduate School for media studies and philosophy, he also teaches sound design and audio production at Burlington College, in Burlington, Vermont.

When he is not busy doing those life-encompassing things, he reads a lot, cooks the-most-delicious-food-you've-ever-tasted, and makes some great sounds; with different people in groups called 'bands', or solo, with his multi-instrumental talents, and ever-expressive baritone singing.  Between books, and sound making + recording implements, he has few rooms in his home that spare space for human beings, luckily its almost summer and we can spend time outside.

-Tom & Steph

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2012 contributor: Nate Anspaugh

We've told you about our friend Nate. We've even shown you one of his lovely works, the one that hangs in Tom's studio ... don't you remember? It was inspired by one of Tom's Alphabet Poems.

"... pussy plats plastered to plastic packages/ postmodern playthings/... my god/my monkey ..."

Nate is a New Yorker, by way of Ohio. He is the nicest guy you've ever met, and he makes some great art, in many dimensions. Look at his work, buy his work, tell your friends about his work. We certainly think is it worth making a fuss about ...

So do these people: The Bushwick Dream, The Bushwick Gallery, Bushwick Daily (which we featured in our December post), and MoMA PS1.
In kittyBOOGER twenty-twelve you will see 6 of his masks made from scavenged ad-posters from the streets of NYC. And they look gorgeous in print, sandwiched between poetry and fiction.