what is kittyBOOGER?

You may be asking, what is kittyBOOGER? ... or even where does the word kittyBOOGER come from? ... or possibly why should I even care about kittyBOOGER?

Well, we have some answers.

kittyBOOGER is a space for all kinds of objects and artifacts by the amazing makers and doers in the ever-expanding-world around Tom and Steph. kB hopes to be not only an intimate exhibition of a handful of works by a handful of contributors, but a creative, inspirational tonic for those who make time to read and enjoy small multimedia publications.

This space is hopefully a printed, bound book-like object, but might be interactive via the web, or an online publication. This space is imagined, collected, and then shared. Somewhere you can have a place, somewhere to find a place, to share work, and see work of currently thinking and dreaming doers and makers.

We love ART; drawings, painting, photos AND MUSIC; sounds and scores, AND WORDS; essay, fiction, poetry, recipes, secrets, letters, comics, novellas ... AND EVERYTHING IN-BETWEEN and want to share all of these things with you.


Now you're asking, who are Tom and Steph?

kB is the love child of dynamic duo: Tom DeBeauchamp & Stephanie Lavon Trotter. Partners in crime, they love to think and dream and build together, and are excited by the community-making adventure that inspired kittyBOOGER.

And lastly, kittyBOOGER, what a name?!

Kitty booger was a name used long ago -- a silly little character, I guess, built by a silly little person who is now a grown-older-person and who now wants to share with you the silly and the serious, and all of the felt-spectra otherwise through the visual, the audible, and the imagined worlds we create.

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