Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 contributor: Jeff Ausura

Like a pair of double rainbows, Jeff's pen-and-ink sketches are both rare and the product of sun fighting shadow. When we first saw them, we were drawn to the repetition and patterns, the general sense of figuration, but now, now we just think of how, one time, we fed nutrient solution to a plastic cup full of citrine dust. Crystals were supposed to grow, and they did grow--a lame film of dust--but we expected a whole world to miraculate in our cup, and for it to be both as foreign and comforting as these sketches.

Jeff Ausura has a fondness for squirrels, so we've been told. He's a designer and a sometime-teacher. He rocks. See him rocking here with his band, Never Give a Goat the High Ground, in the Mephistopholean glow of Budweiser stadium.

Jeff also makes beautiful lithographs, which you can view here.

-Steph & Tom

Sunday, April 29, 2012

we've got proof

... or a proof!

While we were off enjoying NYC yesterday, - yes, we had coffee with one of our contributors, Nate Anspaugh - wining and dining in Greenpoint, and catching Robert Ashley and Joan La Barbara perform new songs for 'Concrete' at Roulette in Boerum Hill, we got something in the mail!

it's midnight, but I am still excited, maybe a little nervous (in the kB kitchen)

so pleased!

I have a feeling YOU might be getting kittyBOOGER twenty-twelve soon!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

2012 contributor: Stephen Langlois

kittyBOOGER twenty-twelve is happy to have two stories from Stephen Langlois, Bad Dream and Vacant Lot. You'll have to wait a couple more weeks to read them - but take it from us - Mr. Langlois is inventive, adventurous and full of imagination. In these two stories the conventional world inhabited by the characters changes in a surreal or absurd way, and this change shows how static the lives of these people are.

Stephen blogs at The 50 Movie Pack Project  and has been published many places online, including just earlier this month at Juked, at Necessary Fiction, by our friends at Smalldoggies and will be in a forthcoming print issue of Gigantic Sequins, among other things.

And when the world needs him, Stephen skis down from his Rutland, Vermont retreat to fight evil, as G.I. Joe's Snow Job.


-Steph & Tom

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the secret of our inspiration

When I first met Tom, he was trying to impress me, he had all those big ideas we have in our early twenties that we hardly realize or wait until our almost thirties to 'make it happen' ... he had a publishing company, and I was smitten.

Six-and-a-half-years later we are publishing! But, we had some helpful stepping stones along the way.

Tom took letterpress classes at PRATT (Seattle) and made some beautiful prints.

He made a great friend, Lisa Hasegawa, a letterpress printer, book artist and teacher. We had some fun dates with her; making books, playing with stamps, learning bindings. And through Lisa, Tom has had the privilege of being a part of her post card exchange, and my studio is filled with beautiful postcards ...

Now Tom is learning the art of Japanese woodblock printing, and made a chapbook, The Florida Room in his recent Hybrid Poetry class.

There is so much that has inspired us to make kittyBOOGER happen, and January 1st, 2011, we decided that we needed to do it. Though it has been a slow process, we are so excited for kittyBOOGER twenty-twelve to come out! And we can't wait to share it with you.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

and it's off to the printers!

We are so thankful that the designing is done. kB had to learn inDesign for this project, and my, what a learning curve. Though, we think it looks beautiful!

The editing was a constant process, and we are glad that we had so many eyes to look it over (you know who you are) ... What a relief to pass kB twenty-twelve off into the hands of professionals!

We hope to have a proof next week! We'll keep you posted ...

Thanks for following,