Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 contributor: Jeff Ausura

Like a pair of double rainbows, Jeff's pen-and-ink sketches are both rare and the product of sun fighting shadow. When we first saw them, we were drawn to the repetition and patterns, the general sense of figuration, but now, now we just think of how, one time, we fed nutrient solution to a plastic cup full of citrine dust. Crystals were supposed to grow, and they did grow--a lame film of dust--but we expected a whole world to miraculate in our cup, and for it to be both as foreign and comforting as these sketches.

Jeff Ausura has a fondness for squirrels, so we've been told. He's a designer and a sometime-teacher. He rocks. See him rocking here with his band, Never Give a Goat the High Ground, in the Mephistopholean glow of Budweiser stadium.

Jeff also makes beautiful lithographs, which you can view here.

-Steph & Tom

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